Ten Quick Steps to Destroy America

Naomi Wolf – The End of America – Fascism Replaces Democracy:

de9a0d4d27c56de1d98becaa101ac76bIs it possible that fascism has actually been responsible for the economic problems America is now grappling with? Is it possible to hide fascistic actions in our very powerful, very intrusive government? How would you describe Fascism? Should be be afraid of it? Can we fight it if we see it coming? Can anything be done?

Important questions in this day and stage of American history!

In response to a friend who had survived Hitler’s transformation of Germany from Democracy to Fascism, Naomi Wolf studied these transformations in various countries- Italy with Mussolini, Germany with Hitler, and so on. What she found is that there are TEN STEPS that each of these used to destroy democracy and turn those countries over to dictatorship and WAR.

This has nothing to do with ‘opinions,’ ‘party’ or ‘politician’- fascists don’t even need to be in the majority. Hitler began this process when he was barely a blip on the democratic Germany’s political radar. It was a democracy, like ours, when he began- and yet look what he was able to accomplish in so short a time!

In the case of America, all the signs point to fascism just around the corner in a manner the world has never seen before. With Sci-Fi Weapons against the people being developed or actually in use, and with WEAPONIZED RFID CHIPS soon to be ready for mass implantation, the stakes are the highest, the danger the greatest, average people simply could not imagine their beloved America could be doing ANY of this!

This game has been occurring RIGHT UNDER OUR EYES for twenty years. We are at a critical juncture. Get this wrong, and we’ll end up with a Hitler or Stalin HERE. Get it right, and we’ll STILL have to fight to get, and keep, our country.

Obama Seizes New Powers: Even the Left is horrified

Obama – The Third Bush Administration:

The Ten Quick Steps (Warning! This is NOT my OPINION)

Preventive unlimited detention? With NO CHARGES, NO CRIME, NO REPRESENTATION???

270e37ff1f82a541dcf5b1ff154fbcb6This is so totally OUTSIDE of the Constitution of the United States, and so totally OUTSIDE of every American value, that it can only be said that Fascism is REWRITING the Constitution to suit ITSELF.

The historical record is clear. Ms. Wolf outlines the ten steps as demonstrated in history. She also outlines various steps that have already been taken by our government to destroy our democracy.

I have added these additional information sources for YOU to look at and decide for yourself. I still recommend you read Naomi Wolf’s book as it has resources and information that I have NOT included here.

Create/Invoke a terrifying external AND internal threat to security. Exaggeration, lying about, and distortion of the threat is how it is played. Best if the threat is amorphous and impossible to ‘pin down.’

Create an prison camp and military tribunals that are OUTSIDE of the law.

Develop a private military that is not bound by the law of the democracy or constitution. Give them broad authority and limit accountability to law.

Begin extraordinary internal surveillance. Turn your citizens into ‘enemies’ of the state.

Infiltrate, harrass and corrupt citizens groups, political parties, interest groups. Create problems that make them ‘look bad’ and turn other citizens against them.

Target key individuals. Political competitors, Rivals, opposing special interests. Eliminate, defang, discredit or absorb them.

Terrorize or corrupt the Influential. Universities, Professors, Professionals, anyone trusted with expertise in a position to speak out or influence citizens. Publicize the fear to demonstrate power, and the necessity for it, to the public. Make them afraid to talk or do their professional job.

Control, by any means necessary, the media. Make it YOUR propaganda machine with lies, distortions, dissimulations, defamations.

Eliminate dissent. Ensure that citizens understand and cooperate with the tenet ‘dissent equals treason’ and follow through with accusations in a public and visible way. Generate distrust among groups, families, neighborhoods. Encourage informing on suspected activities or suspicious individuals. Ignore the use of this for personal vendettas, but encourage this to further terrorize civilians.

Suspend the Rule of Law. Declare Martial Law. Create gathering hyper- or super- treaties and alliances without consultation of law and consolidate into the inner circle.